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Moving In


Welcome to Moving In! 

Below you will find sequential pictures.You'll begin with taping out the shape you will paint as well as the edges of board. Then, you will paint and blow dry. 


Click on the first photo to see the "Color #" associated with that group of photos. This number corresponds with each paint bottle. Pour enough paint on the paper plate to make the size of a lime. Blow dry for 2 minutes after each coat. All colors will need 2 coats except RED & YELLOW ORANGE will need three. Please remember to remove the tape only after completing the recommended number of coats. Once you have completed using each color/roller, place it in the provided plastic bag (keep the rollers in case there are any touch-ups at the end).

Set up your workspace, and grab your hairdryer.

Tape the shape to match the picture, paint, and, dry (hairdryer). Repeat until design is complete.  

Have fun and take photos along the way - share your process to


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